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Research shows that nearly every business is still not optimizing their remote workforce for maximum productivity. Have you set your staff up for success in their remote environment? How do you maintain a productive work environment when everyone is remote?

Plan, People, Profit: Managing Your Law Firm’s Remote Workforce

In this remote workforce masterclass, law firm management expert Eric Sanchez shares some advice on dealing with the massive infrastructure changes brought on by COVID. You’ll learn:

Which questions you should be asking as you develop your remote workforce plan

  • How to maintain positive work culture while remote
  • How to measure remote productivity
  • How to balance empathy and accountability as a manager
  • How often remote teams should be checking in
  • How to maintain your cybersecurity in a remote environment
  • And much more

“I’ve never met anyone who can pinpoint problems and come up with a solution as quickly as Eric can. I can’t fathom that there is a better law firm consultant out there.”

Dean Waite, Dean Waite & Associates

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