Learn to Measure and Promote Productivity: A Masterclass

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You’ve heard that time is money. It’s actually what you do with time – productivity – that equates to money. In any business, and especially in law firms, defining, tracking, and analyzing how time is spent is one of the fastest ways to become more profitable. But how do you measure it?

Eric Sanchez, one of the most respected voices in firm management, breaks it down in this 22-minute masterclass. You’ll learn:

  • Four ways to measure productivity objectively with data
  • How to set productivity benchmarks that are fair
  • How to analyze and compare productivity data, and how much data you need to do it reliably
  • Introducing the idea of activity tracking to employees as a positive
  • How to tell the difference between unproductive staff and overwhelmed staff
  • Why communication tracking matters and how to analyze that data

“I’ve never met anyone who can pinpoint problems and come up with a solution as quickly as Eric can. He is definitely doing what he is meant to do. I can’t fathom that there is a better law firm consultant out there.” — Dean Waite, Dean Waite & Associates, shortened average case length by 3 months after hiring Eric


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New tool for tracking performance – great for remote work!

See who’s slipping and who your best performers are empirically. Benchmark against past performance or others with similar workloads. Use this information to develop best practices, motivate, and reward your staff.

And, as always, GrowPath will notify you if anything seems awry, with any employee or case.

You won’t find anything else like this on the market. It’s just one more reason GrowPath is the ultimate software for personal injury firms.