Your Legal Remote Workforce Toolkit

Is your firm simply surviving the pandemic when it could be thriving?


Have any of the following pandemic pain points been choking your firm’s productivity:

  • an inability to measure remote staff productivity?
  • a lack of business analytics?
  • languishing cases?
  • having to supply remote staff with printers and postage?
  • inefficient collaboration among remote staff?
  • inadvertently revealing personal numbers to clients and vendors?
  • limited bandwidth?

It’s time to think both short and long term. Upgrade to GrowPath and start enjoying the immediate benefits of our remote workforce toolkit. Even better, our next generation legal tech will give you a towering advantage over your competitors for years to come.

Evaluate Your Intake to See How Your Firm Stacks Up


Uncover your firm’s true potential and compare your performance to industry statistics in our report.

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The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Legal Case Management Software

Read our guide on the features your firm needs.


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Watch this video to see how our patented Buzzwords™ feature alerts your staff with inline prompts.

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GrowPath Customer Reviews

I thought we were closing cases quickly before, but GrowPath completely revolutionized our practice. Our clients are happier, our staff is more organized, and the results speak for themselves.

James S. Farrin, Law Offices of James Scott Farrin

We caught a potentially million dollar mass tort solely because of the Buzzwords feature.

Michael J., Attorney

In our first year using GrowPath, we reduced our average case time by a month, which translated to $899,843 in extra revenue.

Michael M., Attorney

With GrowPath, I can instantly see where all of my cases are, who is handling them, what status they are in – everything! Plus, I’m able to see how my marketing is working.

David C., Firm VP

I have to say I did have reservations at the beginning but now, seeing what Growpath has to offer, life has been much easier.

JoEllen M., Firm Administrator

I love being able to access GrowPath from anywhere! If I’m thinking about a case late at night, I can quickly log in from my laptop at home and check what has been done or set a reminder for myself. The cloud-based data feature has been game changing.

Stephanie M., Paralegal

A Better Legal Intake Software

Magnifying client leads


Discover profitable mass torts and derivative cases in your existing caseload. The inline prompts empower staff to ask the right questions in real-time.

chat bubble

Quick Conversion

Receive team-wide alerts to follow up on qualified leads. When the time is right to sign on the client, eSign and mobile text-to-sign ensure you have the final contract instantly.

at symbol

Marketing Connect

Seamlessly connect with your marketing stack, including web forms, live chat services, and email.

lead scoring target

Lead Scoring Algorithm

Define what “high value case” means to you, and the algorithm will identify and prioritize targeted leads. Highly-configurable evaluation methods save valuable attorney time and increase conversion rates. 

Markting chart icon

Marketing Analytics

Real-time marketing analytics give you deep insight and a competitive edge. In analyzing intake conversion and lead source by time of day, this powerful tool provides unmatched data analysis. 

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Complete and Accurate

Intake Forms ensure that potential client records are accurate and complete. Address verification, conflict checks, and customizable intake questionnaires optimize your workflows.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics allow you to gain valuable insights into marketing spend by source, time of day, and specific geographic location — all overlayed with data from intake. This type of knowledge allows you to increase conversion rates without spending additional money.

Streamlined Case Management

Organize your firm with intelligent tasks and reminders, centralized document storage, and single-click communications – all stored in one, secure place with GrowPath case management software.

See How GrowPath Can Accelerate Your Law Firm