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Discover the latest advancements in legal case management software. By combining intake, case management and analytics, GrowPath provides a platform for unlimited growth potential

Intake + Case Management + Analytics

GrowPath unifies intake, matters, documents, finance and analytics. The all-in-one platform therefore helps you manage more legal cases with unparalleled data organization, seamless communication and enterprise-level security. Overall, from first intake communication through the entire life cycle of the case, endless details remain organized and easily accessible from anywhere. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

The Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Legal Case Management Software

Read our guide on the features your firm needs. See how superior case management connects you to the tools you have in place and ensures your data is organized, accessible, and secure, too. Discover valuable knowledge of the latest features available in the marketplace and make the best choice in case management software for your firm accordingly.

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Evaluate Your Intake to See How Your Firm Stacks Up

Mastering intake conversions is key to your firm’s growth and sustainability. Conversely, the lack of adequate data to measure intake effectiveness has held law firms back. Until now.

Uncover your firm’s true potential and compare your performance to industry statistics in our Law Firm Intake Benchmarks and Best Practices report. Specifically, the report compiles data from over 30 plaintiffs’ firm intake departments across the county. As a result, you can view the benchmark key performance indicators you need to achieve in making the right improvements to your intake process.

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Watch this video to see how our patented Buzzwords™ feature alerts your staff with inline prompts. With the aid of these prompts, your specialists can thus ask the right questions and uncover lucrative mass torts within your existing caseload.

“We caught a potentially million dollar mass tort case solely because of the Buzzwords™ feature.” –Michael J., Attorney

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