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Responding to COVID-19

Our Story Can Be Your Story

With the turning of the calendar to mark the new year came reports from China of a mysterious and deadly virus. By March, classrooms and courthouses were closing stateside amidst a fast-spreading pandemic. How is your firm doing right now? Being classified as an essential service doesn’t necessarily make business continuity any easier during a protracted crisis.

Are you requiring your employees to join you in the office despite everything that’s going on? What will you do if quarantine guidelines become stricter or someone on your staff falls ill? Perhaps you and your staff are splitting time between home and the office. Unfortunately, the tension and effort of monitoring for the slightest sneeze in the office may not be sustainable as conditions persist or even worsen.

So are you truly working remotely? Or are you navigating a minefield of compromise and coping with frustratingly limited remote access?

Making a Successful Transition

GrowPath legal case management software was born to solve problems in the legal tech world.

After experiencing the limitations of technology during a gargantuan discrimination class action suit, the co-founders of GrowPath developed the next generation of case management legal tech. Using the scalable, cloud based GrowPath case management platform, the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin was better able to assist clients and subsequently exploded in size and revenue.A short while ago, with the pandemic on the horizon, Jim Farrin tasked the GrowPath team with ensuring that the security systems and logistics were in place for the firm to convert staff to a remote workforce. In one week, over 200 employees were transitioned to telecommuting while business has continued seamlessly for the firm.

Check out our special offer below, and see how our story can become your story.

A Way Forward with GrowPath

If your firm has shareholders, there may be no rainy day account big enough to weather stormy and uncertain times. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a smaller firm and key practitioners fall ill, your business recovery may not coincide with theirs. But there is a way forward right now with GrowPath.

Consider Scenario A, where you’re forced to furlough employees as revenue drops during an indefinite pandemic and downturn.

Scenario B paints a brighter picture. While controlling external crises remains out of your purview, cloud based access gives you full connectivity to your data and files for as long as necessary. Business continuity is assured; current staffing levels and revenue can be sustained.

Scenario B is no pipe dream.

No one is suggesting that a remote workforce can completely replicate an in-person operation. Take the mailroom, for example. Until a true AI revolution occurs, someone still needs to go in the flesh to collect and sort your paper mail. Clearly, though, it’s a lot easier to safely operate and protect a small mail team when the other employees of the office are maintaining productivity from the safety of quarantine.

Bandwidth Bottlenecks

The fact is that many firms are still making do with outdated tech to survive this crisis. A VPN, for example, or virtual private network, allows a user to safely connect to work resources from home. However, when multiple people use the VPN to access applications not optimized for web delivery, significant bandwidth, performance, and access issues can result. Some firms facing these bandwidth issues are even staggering employee shifts so as to ease the bandwidth bottlenecks.

Superseding VPNs, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the current gold standard for cloud computing. A SaaS platform like GrowPath’s is optimized to deliver consistency and security to connected users. With GrowPath, all of your users can instantly and simultaneously connect to the application from multiple locations.

Did you know? VPNs frequently have concurrent user caps. If you’re using a VPN, new traffic patterns for remote work are liable to drastically increase your bandwidth needs and costs. Your VPN provider may also need to make adjustments to your firewall to accommodate the user surge.

You can eliminate this pandemic pain point wholesale through GrowPath. When you access your case management platform through our SaaS application, your bandwidth needs remain comparable during the pandemic to how they were before it all started.

Other Pandemic Pain Points (and how GrowPath solves them)

  • You haven’t forgotten about the intense need for cybersecurity, have you? Preventive steps like enabling two-factor authentication are even more critical as malicious actors seek to take advantage of the situation. GrowPath’s patented cybersecurity features will bolster your digital defense during this critical time.
  • Don’t compromise on your confidentiality. With GrowPath’s Click-to-Call functionality, your personal number remains private from clients and vendors. Even when you use your personal device, it’s your work number that appears to outside parties.
  • Is your team currently printing and mailing work materials from home? With GrowPath’s print queue feature, this cumbersome process is eliminated. Team members now simply push a button to indicate materials are ready, and a dedicated mail operations staffer prints the digital files, prepares them for mailing, and sends them out.
  • You trust your employees. But, as a managing attorney, you still need to monitor and assess the transition to working from home. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing; verifying robust employee productivity from the home office could spur the drive for continued telecommuting in a post-pandemic world.

Using GrowPath, the types of analytical reports you can retrieve on employee productivity are limited only by your imagination:

    • Compile granular data on employee performance in real-time
    • Compare pre-pandemic to pandemic productivity by individual user or practice area
    • Sort individual employees or teams by date range or task (click-to-call, mail merge, unique case views, etc.)

GrowPath is much more than remote tracking software. Through the platform’s reporting functionality, you can identify your high performers as well as training opportunities for those who need more assistance. Specific, data-driven reports give you actionable insight into whether you’re actually succeeding with your remote transition.

Special Offer: Let Us Rocket You to the Cloud

Ignore the doomsayers. Yes, it would have been ideal to have a thorough contingency plan in place before this began. However, not being prepared for something on this scale leaves you in very sizable company.

The good news is that there’s a ray of hope to help you navigate through this crisis. Our story can be your story. Find out more about our special offer by clicking here and see if your firm is positioned to connect to the cloud in as little as one week.

PS If you need one of our solutions but can’t change your case management system in totality just now, we may still be able to help. Contact one of our customer success managers by clicking here.

April 07, 2020