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Running a Lean Firm

Most attorneys fail to recognize the connection between solid business developments efforts and the use of efficient case management software in the legal field.

Modern clients simply will not tolerate slow and costly legal services. Running a lean law firm means using the best technology, incorporating that technology into streamlined workflows and producing excellent legal services in a timely, efficient manner. Let’s look at some of the ways that efficient firms are thriving firms.

Client Satisfaction

Satisfied clients become repeat clients as well as the best referral sources for future clients. The first connection, then, between efficiency and business development is recognizing the impact an efficiently-run firm has on client satisfaction. Naturally, client satisfaction yields more clients. The best part is that this type of marketing and advertising costs nothing. Word of mouth from a satisfied client is free.

More Time for Business Development

The next connection between a lean and efficient law firm and its business development efforts is that automation and streamlined workflows free up additional time for strategic, well-thought-out business development efforts. Creating a business development plan and finding the time to implement it can be challenging. Meeting prospects for coffee, lunch or after hours drinks takes time away from existing case tasks. Keeping up with all the news and developments and sharing information either directly or on social media takes time. Using some time-saving tools can make all of these efforts easier.

Automating Business Development Efforts

Another important connection between using efficient technology and business development is letting this technology improve your business development efforts. Let’s look at three ways the right technology grows your client base:

Keeping Track of Your Competitors

A solid business development plan takes into account the need for continually tracking and evaluating your competitors. Some firms have full-time specialists whose entire job in the firm involves competitor intel. For firms without this dedicated role, it is still vital for business development efforts to include an efficient process for keeping track of competitor firms. This entails knowing what they offer, the value of their human capital and the industries they serve, as well as keeping tabs on case wins/losses. Access to this type of information helps you differentiate what your firm brings to the table and allows you to better communicate that message to prospective clients.

Nurturing Existing Clients

Don’t let relationships go cold. You must nurture existing client relationships and continue to provide value. Having an efficient tool to keep track of all communications regardless of channel (along with reminders to reach out) will help you nurture these relationships consistently and effectively. Legal case management software that allows you to call, text or email straight from the platform with a single click adds up to valuable time saved. Documented communication and intelligent reminders work together to keep your client outreach efforts on track.

Worry-Free Delegation

Free up more time for business development efforts by delegating supplementary case tasks. Consider delegating human resources, billing, accounting and marketing tasks. In addition, look at delegating some client-related, billable tasks such as research, document drafting and client interviews. Having a legal case management platform that tracks every detail helps to ensure that no task is overlooked. Easily monitor delegated tasks, employee productivity and case statuses with a live dashboard.

Attempting to oversee all the details involved in running a law firm, practicing law and growing the firm through business development efforts is impossible without the right software to keep everyone and every case organized. Choosing legal case management software that updates in real-time, streamlines workflows and instantly provides easy-to-access information — from case-specific details to firm-wide metrics — makes all the difference in running a thriving, modern firm.

Trimming the Fat with GrowPath

Check out all of the features offered by GrowPath, cutting-edge legal case management software that helps firms run more efficiently, automating business development efforts as well other repetitive tasks and freeing up time for growth. Failing to make the connection between efficiency and solid business development can cost your firm.

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March 17, 2020