Law firm cybersecurity

Patented Technology and Your Law Firm’s Cybersecurity

Are you following industry standards and guidelines like NIST’s in protecting your data? Even if you are, that’s still not the utmost you could be doing. Secure, advanced, patented cybersecurity — that’s the GrowPath way.
Data Security and Cloud Security

Legal Cloud Security - Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Nearly 60 percent of 2019 TECHREPORT legal technology respondents surveyed by the American Bar Association acknowledged that they use the cloud for work.
man sitting behind surveillance desk

The Real Threat to Your Law Firm Data Security

IN 2016–2017, about two-thirds of law firms reported a breach in their cybersecurity, and that might be understated. Before you rethink your entire security strategy, it’s vital to have an accurate understanding of the most significant security threats.