Jacob Adamson

Director of Engineering

Jacob Adamson is the Director of Engineering at GrowPath. He is responsible for overseeing feature development, product deployment, and managing engineering personnel. His day-to-day responsibilities include development in the engineering department is on-track to committed work, communicating with employees, and working with GrowPath architects to verify engineering designs.

Jacob Adamson

Prior to joining GrowPath, Jacob worked as a Devops Engineer at Cisco, where he was instrumental as part of the cloud security team in developing automated security validation software and generating secure cloud images for use across the organization.

Jacob’s goal for the case management software industry is to deliver nothing less than the best legal case management software by obtaining, training, and retaining high quality engineers. Having this goal in mind, Jacob builds professional, as well as personal, relationships with his clients and teammates.


  • Oregon Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Embedded Systems Engineering