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Using Individual Productivity Data to Improve Law Firm Operations

As I mentioned in my first post on productivity, tracking performance against KPIs gives me an idea of who my best people are. But I want to go much deeper than that. I want to know why they are the best at what they do. I want to study our data to see what our best people do and use that to build best practices. I also want to look for negative outliers, which shows me who may be struggling and needs attention.
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The Real Threat to Your Law Firm Data Security

IN 2016–2017, about two-thirds of law firms reported a breach in their cybersecurity, and that might be understated. As more and more firms digitize their client data in case management software (CMS), hackers and malware have now become the biggest threats to your legal practice. But before you rethink your entire security strategy, it’s vital to have an accurate understanding of the most significant security threats.
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What is Case Management Software?

New cases are the lifeblood of plaintiffs’ firms. For your firm to grow its business, you need to regularly add new clients, represent their legal needs in a timely and effective manner, help them receive the settlements they deserve—and then move on to the next case. This demands a reliable, repeatable process for handling cases, but the same growing caseload that you depend on to build your practice can also overwhelm your staff and systems.
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Benefits of Cloud-Based Case Management Software

Between the 2016 and 2017 editions of the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Survey Report, the number of lawyers relying on cloud computing escalated by 40%. Seeing this dramatic change in only a year shows how cloud technology has become a proven platform for law firms of all sizes. However, if your firm still manages your case records and files completely onsite at your office, it’s natural to feel hesitation about cloud-based case management software.