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How GrowPath Helps You Create Law Firm Policy and Manage Wisely


Use GrowPath Law Firm Management Software to Create & Manage Policy

Does your staff strive for maximum productivity? Our productivity monitoring tools let you know who your rock stars are.

But how do you create a culture of max productivity? How do you cultivate and maintain it? Well, we’re pleased to report that GrowPath’s best-in-class functionality helps with that, too. Here’s a small example of how.

How GrowPath Helps You Create Law Firm Policy and Manage Wisely

Workplace culture and morale greatly impact employee productivity. That’s because productivity often depends on your employees’ creative problem-solving and willingness to push past roadblocks. If your team is burnt out, their work ethic and work will immediately suffer.

Said another way, productivity is more than time spent – it’s time spent away. When you show employees that you care about their work-life balance, you create a workforce of happy, productive employees that have no intention of going anywhere.

And that’s where GrowPath’s ability to leverage your data can pay surprising dividends.

Reviewing PTO Policy: How to Know What Works

One GrowPath client formed a small committee of employees to review and adjust its Paid Time Off policies. They wanted to thoughtfully balance the business’ needs with the staff’s needs. How did GrowPath help with that?

One of the common misconceptions regarding software that monitors employee productivity is that it’s used to punish employees, to micromanage them. Sure, you could use it for that if you want. But the gathering of data is neutral. It can just as easily lead to rewards to incentivize and motivate your team members. And it can be used to balance employee and employer preferences, like when your firm tweaks its PTO policy.

Gathering Data: The Old Way vs. The New

Imagine you wanted to know which days most of your staff take off throughout the year. The day after Thanksgiving? The day before? And, if your office is open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, how many people take PTO and enjoy the long weekend instead?

Your current method of finding out might be gathering anecdotal stories from team members or soliciting the impressions of managers. This “data” can be skewed in any number of ways.

But you need this information to make important decisions. Let’s say one of your managers suggests closing the office the day after Thanksgiving. She says it’s a “dead zone” around there or “everyone is checked out.”

Well is that true? Maybe. But maybe a lot of important work gets done on that day for clients that are home themselves and want to use the chance to get a case evaluation. That’s why you should take the guesswork out of the equation entirely.

Just like GrowPath makes it so you don’t have to guess how your marketing is doing, you don’t have to guess what your staff is doing. All of that information is instantly retrievable, so you can find out the unique answer for your firm on precisely what things look like on any given day.

And the answer matters. Not just for the health and happiness of your team, but for your bottom line. Let’s go back to that GrowPath client I mentioned.

They used their data to determine how much it would impact business to add a new paid holiday (see? productivity software can be used for good). They were easily able to see, for example, how many intakes they historically handled on MLK Day. This gave them the information to determine whether that day should become a new day off, or whether it was more cost-effective to make the day after Thanksgiving a new paid holiday.

To Approve Or Not to Approve? The Manager’s Dilemma

This kind of data doesn’t just help with one-off projects. Your firm may not be tweaking its PTO policy, but you definitely have one that’s enforced and managed by manager approval. So what metrics do your managers use to determine whether to grant or deny a PTO request?

Employees want managers who make consistent, transparent decisions. That all starts with objective data. With GrowPath, managers can easily and instantly see where employees are with their cases, make accurate projections, and fairly determine whether or not to grant a PTO request.

Manage Policy with GrowPath’s Software for Law Firms

If you’re looking for more info on all the groundbreaking ways GrowPath helps you measure employee productivity, we’ve got you covered. As you’ve seen, in addition to monitoring them, GrowPath helps you keep your team happy. In this way, small and perhaps surprising uses of GrowPath can pay big dividends for employee morale – and ultimately, productivity.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To see all the ways large and small GrowPath helps your firm fatten its bottom line, speak to one of our experts today.

December 15, 2022