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On-Premises Data
Backup and Storage

GrowPath gives firms the option of having an additional copy of their data stored locally.
Your data lives with GrowPath in the cloud and on-site in your office!

Backup and View Your Data in Your Office

GrowPath is a cloud-based software solution. It only lives in the cloud, not on your local computer. By design, your firm’s data also lives safely in the cloud with GrowPath. But what if you want a copy of your data kept locally? If you’re curious, you can find out more about the differences between on-site and cloud-based security benefits.

For those who want or need their data kept locally as well as within our state-of-the-art Google Cloud environment, GrowPath is proud to offer on-premises data storage. It’s your data. You can keep a local copy if you want! Here’s how it works.

GrowPath and Your Active Data Stay in the Cloud…

GrowPath and all its features are still accessed in the cloud, not on-site. That’s how you interact with, add to, and otherwise use your data. This eliminates in-office hardware and networking headaches and enables your staff to work from any computer or device, anywhere.

…But an Updated Copy of Your Data Is Stored Locally

We provide the device that connects to your office’s internal network. Your firm’s data is refreshed once a day and stored on that device. While the full suite of features and functions of GrowPath operates entirely in the cloud, the on-premises device keeps your data backed up for viewing.

In essence, think of this as an emergency backup in case your internet goes down – it’s the fire extinguisher in the cabinet in case of emergencies. It’s also a hedge against operating losses, as you can continue to work cases during outages.

Why Would You Want an On-Premises Data Backup?

Think of it this way: Even if you’re driving a car with every conceivable safety feature, they’re not foolproof. Our on-premises solution is the ultimate redundant backup for the worst case scenario if everything else fails – however unlikely that may be. While cloud-based computing and data storage are more secure and reliable than single-device storage, you may still have need of it.

    Internet Outage – If your connectivity is unreliable, having a local copy of your data that you can read could be of use until connectivity is restored.
    Ransom/Malware – Just as a cloud-based solution protects you from having local computers compromised, a local backup may protect you if your online access is blocked. If some nefarious actions cause you to lose access to your cloud-based solutions (in which case call us immediately), a local backup may preserve your ability to keep working.
    Power Outages – If your firm has secondary power, but your internet provider doesn’t, a local backup enables you to view data in the meantime.
    Information Control – Maybe you just want the assurance of an additional copy of your data in your control. We get it.

What Can I Do With My On-Premises Backup Data?

The on-premises backup is just that – it’s a redundant copy. Here’s what you should know:

View Your Data Through Your Office Network – The backup is read-only. You won’t be able to edit that data. Why? That’s done through GrowPath with the cloud-based data, which is both more up-to-date and uniform. The backup is updated daily and automatically.

Continue Working in Case of Internet Outage – If you have an outage that disconnects you from the Internet, you can still conceivably take and make calls, and work cases by having the information in front of you. Again, you can’t manipulate the files, but if you have a client on the phone, you can at least see the data and make any necessary updates when you restore access to GrowPath.

Want an On-Premises Backup? Just Ask!

If you’re interested in keeping a local copy of your data, just in case, GrowPath can do that. If you’re already a GrowPath client, you can contact us directly. If you’re thinking of switching to GrowPath, let’s start with a quick, 15 minute conversation to discuss your needs.

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