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Top 8 Legal Tech Trends of 2023: Biggest Changes on The Horizon

Personal injury lawyers can gain a competitive advantage in the legal marketplace by staying up on trends in the legal industry. To help you remain up to date, here are some of the top legal tech trends and changes for the foreseeable future:

Top 8 Legal Tech Trends

Trend 1 –  Attorneys Pour More Money into Legal Tech Investments

Gartner says that lawyers will invest three times as much money in legal tech by 2025, compared to 2023. According to recent survey, legal tech budgets will increase as law firm leaders see the benefits of tech investments in terms of enhanced quality and quantity of service, marketability, and competitiveness.

Trend 2 – AI Amplifies its Authority, Automation, and Assistance Abilities

Artificial Intelligence will become increasingly more reliable as lawyers use it to help them increase efficiencies and become more competitive in the legal marketplace.

For example, in addition to providing more accurate legal research, AI will also enable lawyers to automate workflows, manage documents, and communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and the courts.

Trend 3 – The Wheel of Justice Turns Digital

Though the legal system is notoriously slow to change and adapt to new technology, it will nonetheless become more digitized in the near future. The result will be more expedient legal processes, saving time and money in the administration of the law for all parties involved in cases.

Trend 4 – Remote Work Removes Barriers to Otherwise Unattainable Opportunities

More and more law firms are realizing the efficiencies of remote work, leading to a significant increase in the number of remote legal jobs available as well as a large jump in the number of employees who prefer a remote or hybrid workplace. Remote work will also enable firms to engage new clients and new employees in markets where they’d otherwise be unreachable.

Trend 5 – Marketing Analytics and Productivity Data Drive Firm Development 

As technology becomes a greater part of the everyday practice of law, there will be lots and lots of data that firms can analyze to increase efficiency and drive business development.

For example, marketing analytics will help firms develop successful strategies to drive intakes, while productivity data will help firm managers to see who’s meeting their goals, who’s the best fit for new work as it comes in, and who needs additional training, coaching, or support.

Trend 6 – Digital Security and Client Data Privacy Take Primacy 

With the benefits of technology comes the responsibility to use it safely and responsibly. For law firms, this means making client data security and privacy a primary concern. Firms will protect themselves and their clients’ data by setting acceptable use of technology policies and investing in professional data security measures.

Trend 7 – Legal Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software Becomes Ubiquitous

Recent data suggests that more than 80% of law firms have a legal CRM in place, and this number has been growing steadily in recent years. However, it’s important to note that though there are many different CRM solutions on the market, not all offer the same features and benefits.

To obtain the most benefit from a legal CRM, you should first determine your firm’s goals and then research which CRM solution you believe will best help you to achieve them.   

GrowPath Legal CRM features that help PI lawyers make more money:

Some of the patented, unique features and corresponding benefits GrowPath provides to personal injury law firms include:

  • Lead ScoringAs leads come in through marketing and advertising, GrowPath scores them according to your customized settings for your ideal case types. This allows you to prioritize your and your staff’s time to follow up with the leads that are the best fit for your firm.
  • BuzzwordsWhile your intake staff engages with prospective clients, Buzzwords listens in for keywords that may uncover additional case opportunities. For example, a client who calls about a car accident might say a word during intake which indicates that they could also qualify for a mass tort. Buzzwords will then prompt your intake specialist to follow up with more questions about the other potential case as well, in addition to the first.
  • Workflow automation – Set automated communications, reminders, and alerts to save time and energy in your day-to-day practice, allowing you to stay ahead of your cases while making the best use of your time.

Trend 8 – Alternative Legal Service Providers (ALSPs) Create Both Competition and Opportunities

ALSPs are companies or organizations that offer legal services but are not traditional law firms. They often leverage technology to provide services such as document management, contract review, and e-discovery. Law firms are leveraging ALSPs to provide more or better services to clients, but also find them to be business competitors as clients explore alternatives to traditional legal business models.

Why Choose GrowPath to Keep Your Firm on the Cutting Edge of Legal Tech

GrowPath is an advanced legal CRM with features geared specifically to benefit personal injury lawyers by helping them make more money, more quickly with less time and effort.  GrowPath is a 2023 Top Legal Document and Case Management Software according to Software Advice, which ranks software products based on verified customer satisfaction ratings.

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October 16, 2023