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How GrowPath Keeps You One Step Ahead of Cyber Criminals

There can be a tug-of-war between convenience and security. It’s more convenient to just log in anywhere you want, for example, but security concerns often require you to complete 2-factor authentication via text or push app notification.

GrowPath is cloud based, meaning users can access it from anywhere. Convenient. This was certainly a boon to many of our clients who were forced to instantly convert to remote operations at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. But here’s the great thing: Even though GrowPath is convenient, it’s incredibly secure. Remote access doesn’t mean reduced security for our users.

Two law firm employees play tug of war over the precipices of convenience and security

We have an ethical responsibility to protect your clients’ sensitive data from hackers and other cyber criminals. That’s why GrowPath strictly silos your data in a single-tenant environment – your cloud backup serves only you, never other customers. There is no commingling of data as you see with some other software providers, so no one can ever access your data but you.

Patented, World-Class Cloud Backup Solutions

Ransomware attacks against law firms are on the rise, so you want your cybersecurity to be airtight. GrowPath employs a quadruple redundancy system, including the latest backup and encryption from Google, Amazon, and Azure. This means your confidential information would have to be compromised across four different state of the art networks before you would suffer data loss.

To be compromised by ransomware attack, every private cloud in US would have to be hacked at once

GrowPath is virtually impossible to hack because it always employs the latest in online security. This includes 2-factor authentication, which requires an additional method of authentication in addition to a user name and password. And while 2-factor authentication is often accomplished through something like a PIN number, GrowPath has developed a patented method that uses an image as your unique identifier.

Here’s how it works: By pairing an image only you know with an account, you create a unique token for verifying your identity at login. Only you know which image authenticates you and only you know where the image is located. And this state-of-the-art image authentication method is only available to GrowPath users.

Passphrase Over Password

Here’s another example of how GrowPath stays proactive in protecting our clients’ data. According to an article from TechRepublic, a complex password with eight characters, including upper and lower case characters, numbers, and even special symbols, could be cracked in less than 40 minutes by a sophisticated hacker. And if your password is just one character shorter, your password can be cracked in less than a minute.

Recent research shows that the length of a password is a key factor in preventing a password from being cracked. An 18-character password of just lowercase letters would take millions of years to crack by a random hacker using the latest tech. That’s why “passphrases, which use a long string of real but random words, can be more secure than a complex but short password.”

GrowPath has long used the passphrase over password system. Again, you have the perfect marriage of convenience and security. Using a long passphrase like “The thirsty sword rented a sandwich” is more convenient to remember than complex passwords – and more difficult for a stranger to crack.

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On Premise Backup Solutions Using GrowPath Legal Case Management Software

Along with the latest in cloud security protocols and protections, GrowPath also physically backs up your data. Backup servers, which are always monitored, can only be accessed by GrowPath admins. In addition, redundant power, fire suppression systems, and other methods work to protect your data from weather-related losses and other disasters.

The Equifax Hack

In 2017, Equifax had a data breach that left the personal information of nearly 150 million people exposed. In 2022, they reached an agreement with the federal government, along with all state governments, to pay up to $425 million to help people affected by the breach.

How were the hackers able to breach Equifax’s network? One major reason is that they were able to find usernames and passwords stored in plain text on the system. Once they had that login information, they could access everything they needed.

If Equifax had their data secured by GrowPath, that hack never could have happened. GrowPath has a patented data obfuscation feature to keep your confidential information confidential. Data like social security numbers are converted from text into images. There are no numbers to hack, just an encrypted image hidden in your database.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Cybersecurity

Imagine your software was convenient and user-friendly, provided patented, cutting-edge features, and offered the best cybersecurity on the market. It’s possible. A 15-minute demo will show you how GrowPath can boost your bottom line while providing unparalleled protection.

Not ready for a demo? Check out this video, Why GrowPath, and you’ll see what you’re missing by not switching now.

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October 26, 2022