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Looking Ahead: Top Trends in Hiring and Staffing at Personal Injury Law Firms in 2024

As we look forward to the new year, one of the most noticeable trends we’re seeing in the field of personal injury law is the ongoing need for firms to hire talent in a competitive and ever-changing legal job market. Technology is playing a major role in how firms acquire talent, and legal client relationship management software (CRM) is playing a crucial role in helping firms hire attorneys and staff who are the best fit to help them meet client demand.

In this article, we’ll cover the top trends in personal injury firm hiring for 2024 and how legal CRM (such as GrowPath) helps firms satisfy their staffing needs to remain competitive in the personal injury law marketplace.

Top Trends in Personal Injury Law Firms Hiring in 2024
Here are some of the top trends in law firm hiring in the upcoming year:

Legal tech skills
In addition to knowledge, experience, and savvy handling cases and legal processes, firms are hiring attorneys and staff who possess an understanding of how technology integrates with the business and practice of law. This can include artificial intelligence, blockchain, e-discovery, and other legal tech platforms and applications.

Remote work
The most competitive personal injury firms are hiring more remote workers and allowing hybrid work arrangements for attorneys and staff. This is because remote work broadens the hiring pool substantially, making it much more likely that your firm will find the specialized talent it needs. In addition, firms are finding that allowing remote and hybrid work arrangements makes them more attractive to top talent when compared to firms that don’t.

Flex time
Changes in business culture mean that firms are using flex time arrangements to attract and retain the best talent. These allow employees to largely set their own schedules according to the work they need to do and the firm’s needs for their time.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are benefiting firms by helping them find attorneys and staff with the skills and talents they need who also bring diverse perspectives that enrich their cultures. Firms that make diversity a priority have an advantage in a competitive legal job marketplace.

Emotional intelligence
The ability to control one’s emotions and collaborate under pressure is a soft skill that personal injury firms are looking for in potential hires. As such, more firms are using hiring tests that evaluate candidates’ emotional fitness for jobs beyond the qualifications on their resume.

Specialized or niche experience
Firms are finding that in addition to growing their existing practices, they’re also having success by investing in specialized or niche practices in emerging areas (and hiring the right attorneys and staff to make them successful). These can include cryptocurrency law, artificial intelligence law, cybersecurity law, and others.

ALSPs, Legal Staffing, and On-Demand Legal Marketplaces
When it comes to satisfying client needs, some firms are finding value in using alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) and other nontraditional means of meeting demand for legal services. Some of the potential benefits include greater cost efficiencies, increased flexibility and scalability, and access to specialized or niche skills and expertise not possessed in house.

How a Legal CRM Help with Your Firm’s Hiring and Staffing Needs in 2024
Legal CRM plays an integral role in helping top personal injury firms stay ahead of their competition, and this includes assisting firms as they acquire the best talent to fit their needs. Here are some of the ways a legal CRM can help your firm build the most talented workforce possible:

  • An AI-augmented database to define your firm’s unique staffing needs and drive hiring practices based on trends in your client base
  • Integrated digital communications to help you reach and engage potential hires
  • Workflow automations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of hiring outreach
  • Communication and collaboration between on-site and remote hiring managers, HR, and firm leadership to ensure best-fit hiring
  • Productivity management tools to show you how productive your workforce is and what opportunities exist to increase efficiency by hiring new attorneys and staff

Why Choose GrowPath as Your Legal CRM?
GrowPath is an award-winning legal CRM designed to help personal injury firms like yours make more money, faster. We accomplish this via cutting edge technologies and applications to streamline the business of law, including:

  • Lead Scoring assigns a score to each potential lead based on your preferred criteria
  • Client Intake automates and integrates the intake process within your case management system
  • Matter Trackers that allows you to see the status of all your cases in real time
  • Gravity Reports to tell you exactly how productive each of your employees is on a day-to-day basis

GrowPath was named as a category leader in Law Practice Management software by GetApp, a software recommendation site for business leaders.

In addition, Software Advice recognized GrowPath as a 2023 “FrontRunner” for being one of the most client-recommended legal practice management software apps in the category.

Software Advice FrontRunners 2023

“GrowPath saves me time, money, and it makes my clients’ lives easier.” – Ryan B., workers’ comp attorney

Wondering how GrowPath can help your law firm attain the best and brightest talent to serve your clients? Then sign up for a demo today!

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January 16, 2024