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3 Considerations in Implementing Legal Case Management Software

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Those who’ve successfully implemented the right case management software are already reaping the rewards.

These include more quality cases signed, faster close times, improved employee productivity and more visibility into the inner workings of their business than ever before. In short, these firms are working smarter and making more money because of it.

A firm that puts off utilizing these tools is not only missing out on the productivity and profitability gains they have to offer, but also putting the future of its business at risk. You know the formula your competition takes more of the pie, and you necessarily get less.

That’s why you likely already know you’ll need to choose new case management software in the very near future. It can be an overwhelming process, though.

Fortunately, GrowPath has identified for you 3 steps to help you through the process.

Step One: Define your goals

There are many intake and case management tools on the market today. Thus, the key to choosing the right solution for your firm is to clearly define what you want to accomplish and then choose the tool that best meets those needs.

What are the:

  • key issues you need the software to address?
  • other software programs you use that must integrate with the new software?
  • functionality and features you can’t live without?
  • cybersecurity best practices for lawyers?
  • business development needs your firm might have down the line?

Consider: If your firm needs to better manage and access documents, then prioritize a case management solution that offers superior document access, quick search and plentiful storage. If you want to make more data-informed business decisions, look for a solution that provides deep and easy-to-use analytics features. If you want to increase your profit, look for a tool that provides insight into your marketing ROI and employee productivity. Some software, like GrowPath, combines all of these processes into one platform.

Spend some time getting really clear on your priorities, and then start looking for a tool through that lens.

Step Two: Review your current processes and workflows

Once you’ve made your wish list, it’s time to take stock of current processes and workflows within your firm. Doing so will reveal further opportunities for improvements and automation, which the best case management systems will be able to assist with.

Take a good look at each stage of a typical case for your firm, plus all the tasks, documents and communications associated with each stage. Naturally, each team and department will have distinct and nuanced needs.

Step Three: Get everyone on the same page

Okay, you’ve gathered all the necessary information and done all the foundational groundwork. You’re confident you’ve chosen the right case management software for your firm, and it’s time to roll out the new tool.

A solid change management plan, including communication, a timeline and training, will yield a smooth and painless transition. Here are a few suggestions for getting your team ready for the upgrade:

  • Develop communications at the highest level, making sure to convey the workflow benefits of switching software.
  • Have a transition point person. This person should be well-respected, influential and well-supported by upper management.
  • Be realistic about training time for staff and attorneys. Give your staff enough time to successfully adopt the tool.

Why Do It?

Switching to any new case management system is no easy feat. But the benefits of doing so — especially with a case management system like GrowPath — are so significant, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner:

“The GrowPath dashboard and Matter Trackers make it easier to track the things that need to be done on a daily basis. We’re able to run better management reports and have all of the information right then and there. With GrowPath, we’re managing 3,000+ clients seamlessly.” (Heather B., Lead Paralegal)

Want to see what modern case management software can do for your firm?

While growing one of the largest plaintiffs’ firms in the Southeast, Jim Farrin realized that no available tool had everything he needed so he created GrowPath and saw a $2 million productivity gain in just one year.

See how GrowPath can help your firm boost its revenue and optimize its workflow. Visit us to schedule a tailored demo of our product and let us show you the GrowPath difference.

For all the benefits new intake and case management software might present, there are myriad objections as to why it’s not the right time to implement.

But if not now, when?

March 03, 2020